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A Wegwood black basalt vase
Born in Burslem, Staffordshire, England on, July 12th 1730, Josiah Wedgwood came to produce some of the finest examples of ceramic art.

He came from a family with a long tradition as potters. After his fathers death when he was nine he started working in his family's pottery.

He later decided in 1759 to set up his own pottery in Burslem. He started producing a very durable cream coloured earthenwear which caught the notice of Queen Charlotte, who in 1762 appointed him, the Royal supplier of dinnerware.

It later became to be known as Queens Ware. From the public sales of Queen Ware he was able in 1768, to build a village near Stoke-on Trent which he named Etruria. Here he built a second factory which contained tools and ovens of his own design.Attached to the factory was a village, where Wedgwood's workmen could live in decent surroundings.

At first he made only ornamental pottery but later concentrated all his production there. At this site his decendants carried on business until 1940. It was then relocated to Barlaston, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

In 1754 Wedgwood began experimenting with coloured creamware. He became most noted for his Basalt an unglazed black stoneware and Jasperware made of white stoneware clay that was coloured by adding metal oxides. Jasperware was usually embossed with white relief Greek Classical scenes or portraits.
A Wegwood black basalt bowl

In 1783 Wedgwood was elected a Royal Society Fellow, primarily for inventing the pyrometerwhich measured oven temperatures. He was very interested in efficient factory organisation and in improving the transport system for moving raw materials and finished products by canals, such as the Grand Trunk Canal and by road.

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